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Hi! Welcome to the "Auditioning & Submitting Series," of my Acting 101 courses. So you're new to acting and want to know how to properly get started, or may be you've been acting for a while and just received your sides for an audition. Either way, this course will help you grow into a seasoned actor!

My name is Emma Paunil, and I have been on all sides of the acting dice. I have been actress in various feature films, commercials, short films, etc., but I've also been on the other side as a casting director AND acting director. As an actress starting out, I honestly was always left "wanting more," from the acting courses I experienced. Because of my perspective, I have finally been able to develop the acting course I would have wanted starting out, and continue to work out new courses to expand on past curriculum.

In this series, you will learn the basics of script analysis (5 W's, given circumstance, and obstacles and intentions), acting technique basics (Stanislavski, Vakhtangov, Chekhov, Strasberg, Adler, Meisner, & Practical Aesthetics), what to do before working your scripts, memorization tactics, as well as how to not stress about picking an acting technique for working on your script.



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