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Where is Positive?

POSITIVE has been selected as official selection for the First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2020 in London! More film fest submissions are underway... stay tuned!


CREDITS (for more info visit our IMDb page!)

Director: Avai d'Amico

Writers: Emma Paunil (screenplay by), Brianna Roy (screenplay by) 

Stars: Emma PaunilBrianna RoyWalter Temple 

Who is Creative ej?

CreativeEJ Productions: founded by professional actor/creative, Josh Mattison, alongside Emma Paunil. The two are currently producing more episodes for the comedy, web-series, FRANK & HEADof which they have written, produced, acted, and edited all content.



The two are currently writing  a feature film, based off of a Greek legend with a modern twist, as well as their own live-theater plays.


Emma's Music

Emma is a classically trained pianist, receiving training through Master's Music Academy with Ashley Bradford for over 14 years. She now composes and song-writes originals, as well as covers to popular songs. Emma performed one of her original  piano compositions, The Lighthouse,  at the Tempe Center of the Performing Arts  in 2018.

One of her talents includes improvising instrumental piano, and offers her services to provide piano-instrumental music for film projects.

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