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released September 10th, on
World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

The release of Emma Paunil's vocal release, Soul Flame, marks the start of a worldwide movement. Releasing on World Suicide Prevention Day 2021, the song and music video's message reminds us that even in our darkest hour, there exists hope and purpose to re-ignite our “Soul Flame.”

In addition to sharing empowering energy through her musical work, Emma has made it a mission to demystify and de-stigmatize the plethora of available therapy techniques available for all those who need help, alongside the creation and release of Soul Flame.


CLICK HERE for the EPK, and to read more about Emma's campaign for

World Suicide Prevention Day. 

Click the Cover Art for More Info & EPK

TRANSFORMATIVE PIANO: Among this collection are the albums Triple Point of Water, Ataraxia, Spirit Animal, and Gentle Dragons, as well as the single, Earthbound.


VOICES OF SPIRITS: Among this collection – The Archangels, as well as the singles, Lucifer, and The Lighthouse.


CHILDREN'S BOOK ACCOMPANIMENT: Among this collection, Gentle Dragons, as well as the single, Queen Tween the Cat: Official Children's Book Soundtrack.


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