Emma Paunil Teaching Bio

I love helping people learn new things and what inspires them! I have plethora of experience teaching across various disciplines including: acting, improvisation, piano, leadership and mentorship, professional development, strategies for success, conservation biology (I worked at a zoo!), artistic expression, and more! I have taught through various venues and locations, including Epupa Primary School (Namibia, Africa), Film Actor Workshops, Imago Dei Middle School, Reid Park Zoo, &the University of Arizona school of Higher Education.

 I currently offer Acting 101 lessons as online videos from my own original curriculum (Click here to read Acting Bio). Stay tuned for more online lessons and teaching series to be offered for PIANO FOR BEGINNERS, IMPROVISATION, & EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

Acting 101 course | ONLINE

Acting 101 Online | Lesson 1 "Script Analysis"

Through Creative EJ Productions', "Education Series," Emma currently teaches via online learning. Currently, the Acting 101 Class offers online learning through the Creative EJ Youtube Page; these lessons utilize downloadable, "Lesson Packets." 


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Acting 101 Script Analysis, Acting Lessons Online by CreativeEJ Education! This acting lesson video is how to analyze a script, and covers an actor's job, interpretation, given circumstance, and Stanislavski.

Acting 101 Online | Lesson 2 "Acting Techniques"

Acting 101 Acting Techniques CRASH COURSE, Acting Lessons Online by CreativeEJ Education! This acting lesson video is about 7 Acting Techniques, and covers Stanislavski, Vakhtangov, Chekhov, Method Acting, Adler, Meisner, and Practical Aesthetics.

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